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Clique incorporation is an internet solution start-up, which aims to provide solutions to a full spectrum of problems faced in the educational community.  Our solution provides an environment that promotes learning and social engagement in the university community; where students can interact with peers and lecturers outside the classroom, access useful resources and materials, showcase their skills, meet like minds, and interact with their direct community. CLIQUE basically helps institutions improve student experience.

Right now, we are currently working on it. as soon as it is done, we will announce to the general public

Yes we do. it has a good User Interface & very easy to use. You should try it.

Sure, it is. We have or app free for download at all stores.

Yes of course. even though our main priority is to help the educational institution, we offer other services to them. You can check our services page for more info.

Our response time is between 5 – 10 minutes. We attend to our clients prompt and give solutions.

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